TOA MUSENDENKI is the core of Toa Musen Group, founded in Osaka, Japan in 1951.
Since its establishment, we have supplied electronic parts, which are the important items of manufacturers in various industries in Japan, China, Hong Kong, ASEAN countries, and contracted manufacturing, assembly and selling our own brand products.
In China, we set up Hong Kong subsidiary in March 2003 to develop business equivalent to Japan. After opening a representative office in Shanghai in November, 2003, we established a company in Shanghai in August, 2004. In addition, by opening Shenzhen Branch to expand our system in the South China region, we are offering the best service for customers who operate in China and Hong Kong.
Beside supplying electronic components, we also accept contracts for substrate design, outsourcing, harness processing, and we provide complete support from development to manufacturing.
In April 2016, we set up a Vietnam subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam, and we collaborate with other companies that assemble and process electrical equipment and harness and deploys the circuit board. In the following year, 2017, our license was expanded to supply electronic parts like other group companies.
We will continue to provide high-quality services based on our business policy, and we hope we can continue receiving our customer's support.



We not only supply electrical assembly-related products, but also in cooperation with circuit board partners to supply products that meet customer's request.
We obtain components from local as well as overseas, and collaborate within our group and to provide the most optimal service system

Trading Business

Trading Business

We supply electronic parts, electronic equipments, etc, which are the main components of many industrial equipment, household electric appliances to various facility systems.
We will provide solutions that will satisfy our customers in the future through cooperation with famous component manufacturers in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and others.
By integrating purchase from our company, we can reduce costs not only by management but also by centralizing all latest product information.